We are proud to announce three Golledge crystals have been approved for use with the new Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840


MP06003, MP07668, and MP05346 have been awarded a design win by Nordic Semiconductor. Find more information on this announcement here.

Just Released - Golledge Newsletter- March 2018


Welcome to our new website! Our March newsletter details the launch of our site and explains some of the new features we've built into it following your suggestions. You can read the March edition here.

Introducing - A new look for Golledge Electronics

We've been making a few changes!


We've got a new look and new, streamlined user-friendly web experience. You can find out all about the changes we've made and the reasons behind them here.

Just Released - Golledge Newsletter- February 2018


We're proud this February the Golledge team will be heading to Embedded World 2018, we've been awarded a design win with Nordic Semiconductor, and we've updated our SAW filter range yet again. Find all the details in our February newsletter here.

Golledge will be attending Embedded World on the 27th and 28th of February 2018 - Come and meet us there!


In spring 2018 Golledge will be attending Embedded World 2018, the world's largest conference focused on embedded systems. Find out more about the team that will be attending here.

Just Released - Golledge Newsletter- December 2017


A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the whole Golledge team. It's been a pleasure working with you all in what has been a very productive 2017. We wish all our customers a happy and healthy start to 2018. You can find our festive shut down dates here, along with a reminder of some of the highlights of our year, and a preview of what's coming up in 2018…

Just Released - Golledge Newsletter- October 2017


Containing our latest event announcements, including our upcoming attendance of Electronics Design Show 2017 and announcing a massive increase to our SAW filter range, check out our October newsletter here and keep up to date with all our team's latest news.

Golledge will be attending the Electronics Design Show on the 18th and 19th of October - Come and meet us!


The Golledge team will be attending EDS again this year and if you'd like to meet us there we'd love to hear from you. Read more about the Golledge team who will be attending and contact us to arrange a meeting here.

Just Released - Golledge Newsletter- July 2017


Check out our latest new design-focused product presentation, along with recommendations for wearable applications and our latest magazine takeover.

Closer to the cutting edge - how frequency components complement forward-thinking design


Golledge Electronics explain how frequency products can complement forward thinking design within new applications and facilitate development of future technologies.

Just Released - Golledge Newsletter - April 2017


Featuring our latest product releases, including our brand new range of high precision, high frequency oscillators available up to 160MHz, and product recommendations for our Spring industry focus - asset tracking.

Golledge Electronics are pleased to announce our part MP05322 GSX-331/X has been approved by Qualcomm for use with their CSRA6620

We're proud to announce our latest approval by Qualcomm


Qualcomm's CSRA6620 is designed to deliver the high power of a class D amplifier with the fidelity of high end linear amplifiers. MP05322 was developed specifically to meet the stringent design parameters required by this high fidelity audio chip. You can find more information on our approval here.

Just Released - Golledge Newsletter- February 2017


Don't feel flat this pancake day! Check out our February 2017 newsletter featuring the launch of the GXO-7506 our lowest jitter oscillator, tips for re-designing to RED 2014/53/EU and frequency product recommendations for narrow band internet of things (NB-IoT) applications.

An update to the Golledge Electronics collection of component libraries for EDA


Following the success of our AutoDesk (CADSoft) Eagle part library, Golledge are introducing two new part libraries and an update to our original library to help achieve our mission of providing for every detail of a company's frequency product needs, from development to delivery.

Just Released - Golledge Newsletter- December 2016


A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the Golledge Team! Thank you all for being our loyal customers throughout 2016, we wish you a happy and healthy festive period and a prosperous new year! See our Christmas shut down dates and an update on the HCD OCXO range...

Just Released - Golledge Newsletter- November 2016


A huge thank you to all of our colleagues and customers that met us at one of our Autumn events! This month's newsletter is a roundup of the most popular products at these shows including the GSX-338 high frequency fundamental crystal, GXO-7506 ultra-low jitter oscillator and the GRX range of automotive components.

Just Released - Golledge Newsletter- September 2016


Featuring our up-coming events including Electronica 2016, Electronics Design Show and ARMMS RF and Microwave conference, along with the hottest frequency products of the summer and our latest offers in this months newsletter.

Golledge Electronics Autumn Events - Electronica, Electronics Design Show and ARMMS RF and Microwave Conference


Looking for a worthwhile autumn conference? The Golledge team are proud to be exhibiting at Electronica 2016, the Electronics Design Show and ARMMS November 2016. If you're attending we'd love to meet you there.

Just Released - Golledge Newsletter- July 16 Edition


Featuring our brand new range of high frequency inverted mesa crystals, a summary of our components for audio applications and the launch of our latest Stratum 3 TCXO, the GTXO-14, the July 16 edition of our newsletter is available here. Not yet signed up to receive our news? You can sign up to our newsletter here. Click subscribe to get the latest product updates and cost saving tips straight to your inbox.

Mil-COTS Frequency Components for Defence and Aerospace


Showcasing the three tiers of frequency product qualification for the defence and aerospace industries, this article explores how buyers can save budget through tactical Mil-COTS component purchasing.

GTXO-14, GTXO-C14 and GTXO-S14 - A triple bill of top specification TCXOs


Excellent frequency stability options, low phase noise and available up to 100MHz, our new TCXOs also offer a range of output signals including clipped sine, CMOS and true sinewave.

Just Released - Golledge Newsletter - May 16 Edition


Featuring 3.2 x 2.5mm package savings, tips for specifying automotive components, and a sneak-peek at our new inverted-MESA range of high frequency oscillators, the May 16 edition of our newsletter is available here. Not yet signed up to receive our news? You can sign up to our newsletter here. Click subscribe at the page to get the latest product updates and cost saving tips straight to your inbox.

Introducing Golledge's official distributor in India - V5 Semiconductors


Golledge are proud to announce our partnership with V5 Semiconductors as an official distributor of Golledge frequency products for India.

CM7V04 - The ideal low-profile crystal for multi-layer board applications


Introducing Golledge's new, ultra-low-profile miniature watch crystal, the CM7V04. With a reduced the package height of only 0.38mm, the CM7V04 maintains great performance and also allows for multi-layer boards, great for height-sensitive applications.

Product Change Notice - GTXO-93


Announcing an IC update. Retaining form, fit, and function compatibility this update prolongs the longevity of this popular product.

GRX-315 - The Perfect Watch Crystal for Automotive Applications


Golledge are proud to announce the launch of the GRX-315 watch crystal. Fully AEC-Q200 qualified as standard, and contained within a small 3.2 x 1.5 package, it's one of our lowest cost products and a great addition to our automotive GRX range.

Introducing the CADSoft Eagle Golledge Part Library


The full list of Golledge recommended parts is now available to download as a CADSoft Eagle library package.

Golledge Electronics are exhibiting at IoT Design conference on 3rd of December at The Brewery in London


Golledge are proud to be exhibiting at the IoT Design conference taking place at the Brewery in London on the 3rd of December. The first of its kind, IoT Design has been created by Electronics Weekly as a gathering of design industry experts to focus on the challenges of designing for the internet of things.

Meeting the challenges of wearable PCB design


The latest technology trend spanning the medical, fitness, and mass-consumer markets - wearable technology looks set to provide innovation in health-monitoring, research and fashion.

GTXO-203 -The tiny form-factor TCXO ideal for wearable applications


With a board area of only 3.2 mm² and a highly accurate frequency stability option of ±0.5ppm, the GTXO-203 offers superb accuracy for projects where board space is paramount.

The AEC-Q200 Standard, what does it really mean?


A look under the hood of AEC-Q200 qualification and 5 tips for specifying automotive qualified RF parts that will save your budget.

What to consider when using smaller and smaller quartz crystals


With the industry drive towards smaller crystals Golledge's Chief Engineer, Chris Watts, takes an in-depth look at the effects of shrinking the crystal, including reduced motional capacitance, reduced trim sensitivity, increased motional resistance and an increase in the minimum usable frequency.

Introducing the new SCOCXOL Oven Controlled Oscillator


Available in 3.3V and 5.0V CMOS outputs, the SCOCXOL has been designed in response to industry demand for an OCXO that not only has low current consumption but also warms up and reaches specification fast.

SCOCXOH and SCOCXOHS - A Class-leading Combination of Performance, Package and Price


Introducing the SCOCXOH (CMOS) and the SCOCXOHS (Sinewave) Oven Controlled Oscillators. Available in fundamental mode frequencies up to 120MHz, both of these OCXOs offer a phase noise floor of -160dBc at 10.0MHz and an impressive -155dBC at 100MHz.

Introducing the GSX-315 - a Golledge Key Product


Introducing the GSX-315 - offering the best combination of size and value of any Golledge 32.768KHz part, and AEC-Q200 automotive qualified as standard, GSX-315 helps you make the very most of your creative space.

The UM-1 Formal NXP Semiconductor Approval


We are pleased to announce Golledge Part MS06478 44.5450 MHz UM-1 has received formal approval from NXP Semiconductors for use with the SA605/SA615 High performance low power mixer FM IF system.

CM7V-T1A CSR Bluetooth Chip Crystal


Now shipping - 32.768 kHz CM7V-T1A approved for use with CSR101x range of µEnergy Bluetooth Chips from CSR.

Golledge Electronics Gains Formal CSR Approval


We are proud to announce Golledge has formal approval from Cambridge Silicon Radio for the supply of quartz crystals matched with the CSR1010, CSR1011 and CSR1012 µEnergy Bluetooth chips. CSR document CS-317756-AN dated August 2014 details the approval.

MP05670 GSX-333 for CSR Single Chip Bluetooth Smart Low Energy


Now shipping - Golledge 16.0 MHz 3.2 x 2.5mm MP05670. Approved for use with CSR101x range of µEnergy Bluetooth Chips from CSR.

Golledge Electronics will be exhibiting at Electronica 2014 - come and see us there!


We excited to be exhibiting at the premier global electronics exhibition: Electronic in Munich! The Golledge team will be presenting our latest solutions and demonstrating favourite products at stand 150 in hall A4.

GRX-330 | Our Brand New Automotive AEC-Q200 Qualified SM Crystal


Introducing the brand new GRX-330, an automotive-focused surface mount crystal with AEC-Q200 qualified as standard, and a mechanically robust 3225 format package.

GTXO-91 | The new 3225 form factor (VC)TCXO


Capable of operating over a wide, internally regulated, supply voltage range, the GTXO-91 features superb stability options, as tight as ±0.5ppm.

GTXO-92 | End of Life Warning


As part of our continuous improvement process we will be withdrawing the GTXO-92 from production. The GTXO-92 is now no longer recommended for new designs.

GVXO-533 | Introducing the new 5030 VXCO from Golledge


We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new GVXO-533, which features inverted mesa technology in order to provide an exceptionally wide available frequency range of 1.0~125MHz.