Introducing the SCOCXOL and SCOCXO, Two New 12V Oven Controlled Oscillators

13 Aug 2019


Introducing a new 12V Oven Controlled Oscillator with Tight Stability Options, the SCOCXO

The SCOCXO oven controlled oscillator provides extremely stable CMOS output with excellent close-in phase noise characteristics including -120dBc/Hz @ 100Hz (typical @ 10.0MHz). 

The 12V supply voltage of the SCOCXO makes it ideal for analogue applications requiring a large voltage swing, and audio applications requiring excellent dynamic range. 

SCOCXO requires a very low power input of only 25mA maximum at 25°C and features some excellent stability over temperature range options. Tight stability options for the SCOCXO include as good as ±25ppb over 0 to 60°C temperature range, and as tight as ±200ppb over the wide -55 to 85°C, ideal for engineers who need 12V supply voltage functionality without compromising stability over temperature.


The SCOCXO and SCOCXOL are available in two surface mount packages in addition to the industry standard DIL-14 package.

And the SCOCXOL a new 12V, Fast Warm Up OCXO

The footprint of the 12V SCOCXOL and SCOCXO is small whichever of the three package options you choose.

In addition to the features of the SCOCXO, the SCOCXOL oven controlled oscillator also features fast start up time of just 5ms and fast warm up time of only 15s to within ±0.1ppm @ 25°C. This makes it an ideal selection for designers requiring 12V supply voltage but who don't wish to sacrifice start up or warm up time. 

Both the SCOCXO and the SCOCXOL are available in an industry standard DIL-14 metal package measuring 20.14 x 12.52 x 7.8mm, or are also available in a choice of two surface mount package styles. Package SMD option 1 is a 22.0 x 25.4 x 10.5mm metal package with solder pads, alternatively SMD option 2 is a 12.52 x 20.14 x 9.5mm metal package with formed leads.

All three of these package options are available for both the SCOCXO and the SCOCXOL. You can find more information on each product page or you can speak to our team today by calling +44(0) 1460 256 100 and an expert sales engineer will be pleased to answer all of your questions. Alternatively you can email us your query at


Find more information about the 12V SCOCXO and download the product datasheet here

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