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  • Frequency Control Components in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Accuracy is paramount.

    Every data transmission relies on the precise orchestration of frequencies, ensuring that information flows seamlessly.


    Explore the precision and reliability of our NPI TCXOs

    Explore the precision and reliability of our NPI TCXOs: GTXO-76T, 76V (clipped sine). With high precision ranging from ±0.05ppm to ±0.1ppm, these TCXOs operate flawlessly in temperatures from -40°C to +105°C. Low current consumption and Tristate functionality make them a standout choice.

  • Engineering Test Facility

    Created to ensure our customers receive only the highest quality products

    Our extensive engineering test suite includes industry-standard equipment, such as the 250B Network Analyser and the LA Techniques Vector Network Analyser (LA-13-03).


Who we are

Golledge is a leading supplier of frequency control products, including quartz crystals, oscillators, TCXOs, VCXOs, OCXOs, RTC modules, crystal filters, SAW filters and SAW duplexers, to the worldwide electronics industry.

Built on a reputation for the highest quality products coupled with meticulous attention to detail, the Golledge service is at the very heart of our business. We're very proud to be able to offer products with cutting-edge technical specifications, in combination with the highest quality service from both our core headquarters team, and our network of worldwide distributors.

Whatever your business needs, be it flexibility to perform JIT (we meet over 99% of rescheduling requests), industry-specialist component testing, or custom commercial solutions such as purchase and flexible stocking options, we can help. Speak to us today by calling +44 1460 256 100.

Meet our highly experienced, expert team

We make sure you have access to fast, thorough support with your own dedicated account manager from our experienced and diligent team.

Our team members have a wealth of industry experience, are caring in their support, and creative in their solutions. They'll make sure you get what you need to complete your project, fast.

We can offer support for every stage of your project, from market research to prototyping, pre-build to full-production. We also have a specialist engineering department who can offer product specification and implementation advice.

Find more of the benefits of using Golledge as your frequency control partner here, or contact our sales team for more details on how to set up your account. 

The Golledge team are here to help no matter what your electronics timing query. Give us a call today for a fast resolution to your frequency problem.

What our clients say

“Never had such good service as this from anyone in 35 years of being in the industry, this is impressive and has really helped us out of a corner to keep the design flowing”

Andy, Senior Design Engineer

“As always, your support is state of the art! No praise, just stating the facts.”

Nicoleta, Material Management

“Legendary work - as usual, it has to be said.”

John - Operations

Explore our technical resources and find the frequency product you need for your latest project

Including Golledge component CAD libraries, our latest whitepapers, and frequency component recommendations for a host of our most prominent industries, you can find all you need to ensure you have the timing components you need for your latest design here.

Creative Commercial Solutions

If you need a supplier who will work as hard as you do to bring your project to life, you've found the right team.

Whether you need pricing support for ramp-up projects, JIT delivery options, buffer stock holding or flexible account terms, we can help. 

Our team are always creative and flexible when considering your project and we will do our best to meet your needs every time.

Highly-Praised Logistics

With priority delivery as standard and an average 3 hours dispatch turnaround time, you can see why our customers praise our logistics service. You can find out more here.

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Our product search makes it easy to find the component you need, and our streamlined quotation process means you don't need to spend hours researching components and compiling your quote. 

Give it a try here today.

Designer Friendly - Focused offerings for Design Clients

We specialise in making sure you have everything you need to get your latest project off the ground and for our design clients that means making sure you have access to the components you need to complete your prototype.

We offer 10 samples free of charge, with free delivery, for each component you need if you register with us as a designer. 

Registration is simple, just speak to a member of our team today about your latest project and we'll make sure you get the samples you need.

We also have a specialist engineering department who can offer product specification and implementation advice.

If you're interested in our design support or have a project that you think could benefit, you can find more information here or speak to a team member today by calling +44 1460 256 100.

Don't forget - our experienced, caring team are on hand to help

The Golledge team have an average of over 10 years individual industry experience, with many team members having been part of the frequency industry for over 30 years.

As a business we've been answering your frequency product questions for over 25 years, and our high level of experience means we're often able to offer a solution when other suppliers cannot.

If you need a fast accurate answer to a query, urgently need a second source, or need another supplier cross-referral fast, please speak to us now by calling +44 1460 256 100.

The Golledge Electronics team have over 25 years experience of answering frequency component queries. Call us today if you need fast, expert advise.