Urgent TCXO and Oscillator Market Update Q4 2020

4 Nov 2020


AKM factory fire causes knock on effects of increasing TCXO and some oscillator lead times and prices

Market update: Due to the current market situation we are currently seeing a substantial increase to lead times and pricing for both TCXOs and some oscillators.

At present lead times for TCXOs and some oscillator models are extending to 12 months and beyond, with knock on pricing impact.

This situation is being driven by a global shortage of Asahi Kasei Microsystem (AKM) semiconductor chips, used as piece parts in a significant proportion of the world supply of some types of high stability components including TCXOs and some oscillators.

Purchasers are recommended to urgently review their TCXO and oscillator demand for teh next 12 months as lead times and prices look set to increase significantly.

Sadly this significant decrease in supply is due to a devastating two-day fire at the main AKM factory in Nobeoka City, Japan which produces these chips. Thankfully no one has reportedly been hurt however the manufacturing plant has been significantly damaged with estimates of 6 to 12 months before AKM are able to restart manufacture of these piece parts for components.

The knock on effects of TCXO and oscillator supply shortage due to the devastating fire at the AKM factory may impact many key components. Speak to your supply today for the best advice on how to mitigate the effects of these shortages.

This supply shortage is having knock on effects, both for suppliers of components which use AKM to supply their piece parts, and those who use alternative manufacturers, as customers race to try and secure supply of TCXOs and oscillators.

Golledge are working hard to ensure as many of our customers as possible have their supply of TCXO and oscillators secured. It is important in this situation for purchasers to review their 12 month forecasts and we would urge anyone who is having supply issues with these components to get in touch with our team urgently. We can offer you the best advice to help you to mitigate any supply issues or knock on effects as much as possible.

Call our team today on +44 1460 256 100 for urgent advice from our expert team on how to best secure supply for your project if you are having trouble securing stock.