Get Excellent Frequency Pullability at up to 1GHz with the GVXO-E76L and GVXO-L76L

17 Feb 2021


Introducing the GVXO-E76L and GVXO-L76L, the new VCXOs from Golledge providing LV-PECL or LVDS output at frequencies up to 1GHz


The GVXO-E76L and GVXO-L76L voltage controlled oscillators offer excellent frequency pullability of ±130ppm at frequencies from 10.0MHz up to 1GHz.

These 3.3V voltage controlled oscillators feature a 7.0 x 5.0mm ceramic package with metal lid, enabling the engineer to achieve high frequency with wide pullability in minimal board space. Voltage control of +1.65V ±1.50V with 10% linearity provides extremely wide frequency pullability of ±130ppm.

The miniature ceramic package of the GVXO-E76L and GVXO-L76L makes it ideal for engineers who require high frequency and wide frequency pullability.
The package drawing for the GVXO-E76L and the GVXO-L76L shows the miniature ceramic package of these high frequency voltage controlled oscillators.

The GVXO-E76L features complementary LV-PECL output, and the GVXO-L76L provides LVDS output. 

Both VCXOs provide excellent frequency stability options as good as ±25ppm, and phase jitter characteristics of 3ps max (12kHz ~ 20MHz). Operating over industrial temperature range of -40 to +85ºC means they can be utilized in a wide range of applications. The GVXO-E76L and GVXO-L76L also feature rise and fall times of just 0.5ns at frequencies above 100MHz.

These voltage controlled oscillators provide an ultra high frequency solution when wide pullability and miniature SM package is needed. Speak to our team today for more information or find out more and configure your free quotation on the GVXO-E76L or GVXO-L76L product pages.


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