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You'll find our brand new Product Catalogue for 2023 / 2024 here.

Product Catalogue 2023 / 2024

2023/24 Catalogue

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Technical Resources

You'll find our published whitepapers, CAD libraries, and other helpful technical resources here.


IC and Chipset Approvals and Compatibility

Explore our range of frequency components for ICs, SoCs and Chipsets

As a foremost global supplier of frequency control components Golledge have many chipset and IC approvals and proven capabilities. You can find a selection of example of compatible frequency products here for chipsets, ICs and SoCs from suppliers ranging from Atmel through to Xilinx.

Real Time Clock Modules - Quick Comparison Tools

Compare RTC specifications and extra features quickly and easily


Our comparison charts for both I2C and SPI-bus interface RTC modules means you can easily compare product specifications and extra features at a glance.

Shrinking the Quartz Crystal Resonator

A Golledge white paper by Chief Engineer Chris Watts


Chris Watts, our specialist analogue engineer, explains the development of the quartz crystal resonator following the ongoing trend for ultra-miniaturization, and design implications of these changes.

Closer to the cutting edge - how frequency components complement forward-thinking design


Golledge Electronics explain how frequency products can complement forward thinking design within new applications and facilitate development of future technologies.

Golledge Electronics CAD Libraries

Download our CAD libraries for Autodesk, Altium Designer and Pulsonix here.

Find the CAD models you need for our key products here, all available in one click with no registration required.

Crystal Parameters Glossary and Specification Guide

Find an explanation of all major crystal component parameters here

Read our primer on crystal component parameters here, including explanations of all main crystal component terms and a guide to our specifications notation.

Engineering Samples - The Golledge Sample Box

Designing for a new electronics product and need engineering samples of frequency products at your finger tips? You need the Golledge sample box, find out more here.


At Golledge we know that designing for different industries can present different challenges to you as an engineer. That's why below you'll find a review of the frequency product needs of a selection of our specialist industries, along with a collection of our frequency products that we specifically recommend for each. Can't find the industry you're working in but you'd still like a frequency product recommendation? No problem, just get in touch with our expert team on +44 1460 256 100, or email and one of our experienced advisers will be pleased to help you.

Golledge Specialist Industries


Automotive Crystals and AEC-Q200 Qualified Components

Automotive projects provide a challenge for designers and often require components with stringent AEC-Q200 qualification. Discover our range of components developed specifically for automotive projects here and find what you need for your next project.


Discover more about our frequency products developed specially to suit the needs of audio applications

Low jitter and low phase noise are of paramount importance in audio applications. Our recommended products for audio applications include crystals, oscillators, VCXOs and OCXOs, all of which help to keep phase noise and jitter to a minimum.

Harsh Environments

Discover our Recommendations for Crystals and Oscillators for Extreme Environments

When designing for harsh environments component quality is essential. Find our recommended products for extreme environments here, along with information about additional qualifications we can offer, including MIL-C-3098 and MIL-PRF-55310 qualification.

Internet of Things

Find the components we recommend for Internet of Things projects here

If you're designing for an internet of things project, check out our recommendations here for the timing components you need.

Smart Metering

Find our review of the smart metering industry here and discover our recommended product for smart metering projects

Our review of the smart metering industry includes a breakdown of technologies usage, the requirements of SMETS2 and our recommendations for components for smart metering systems. Discover more here.


Discover our range of products recommended specifically to overcome the challenges of designing wearable products

Minute, intricate and beautiful; wearables designs offer unique challenges for the electronics engineer. You can find our range of products recommended specifically to overcome the challenges of designing wearable products here.


With wireless technologies developing at an ever-increasing pace, the list of standard frequency requirements is getting ever-longer. Thankfully we've taken some of the hassle out of choosing frequency components for these technologies within our recommended selections below. You are of course also welcome to browse our full range of components here, or contact our team if you have any queries.

Golledge Specialist Technologies

Ultra Wide Band (UWB)

Ultra wide band or UWB is an exciting technology being deployed in multiple applications including work places and medical centers in a concerted effort to combat COVID-19 by enabling social distancing. Read our technology overview here.

32.768kHz Components

Browse our range of 32.768kHz frequency solutions including crystals, oscillators, RTC modules and more. Find your ideal 32.768kHz solution here today.


Find our recommendations for crystal components for pairing with Bluetooth designs here

Whether you're working with Bluetooth chips from Qualcomm (CSR), Nordic-Semiconductor, or any other Bluetooth chipset our crystal components can help. Find our recommended and approved pairing crystals here or speak to our team for more information.


Browse our range of frequency components for 60GHz WiGig applications

If you're designing for a WiGig or high speed data transfer project check out our recommendations for timing components here.