GRX-315 - The Perfect Watch Crystal for Automotive Applications


Golledge are proud to announce the launch of the GRX-315 watch crystal. Fully AEC-Q200 qualified as standard, and contained within a small 3.2 x 1.5 package, it's one of our lowest cost products and a great addition to our automotive GRX range.

GTXO-203 -The tiny form-factor TCXO ideal for wearable applications


With a board area of only 3.2 mm² and a highly accurate frequency stability option of ±0.5ppm, the GTXO-203 offers superb accuracy for projects where board space is paramount.

SCOCXOH and SCOCXOHS - A Class-leading Combination of Performance, Package and Price


Introducing the SCOCXOH (CMOS) and the SCOCXOHS (Sinewave) Oven Controlled Oscillators. Available in fundamental mode frequencies up to 120MHz, both of these OCXOs offer a phase noise floor of -160dBc at 10.0MHz and an impressive -155dBC at 100MHz.

Introducing the GSX-315 - a Golledge Key Product


Introducing the GSX-315 - offering the best combination of size and value of any Golledge 32.768KHz part, and AEC-Q200 automotive qualified as standard, GSX-315 helps you make the very most of your creative space.

CM7V-T1A CSR Bluetooth Chip Crystal


Now shipping - 32.768 kHz CM7V-T1A approved for use with CSR101x range of µEnergy Bluetooth Chips from CSR.

MP05670 GSX-333 for CSR Single Chip Bluetooth Smart Low Energy


Now shipping - Golledge 16.0 MHz 3.2 x 2.5mm MP05670. Approved for use with CSR101x range of µEnergy Bluetooth Chips from CSR.

GRX-330 | Our Brand New Automotive AEC-Q200 Qualified SM Crystal


Introducing the brand new GRX-330, an automotive-focused surface mount crystal with AEC-Q200 qualified as standard, and a mechanically robust 3225 format package.

GTXO-91 | The new 3225 form factor (VC)TCXO


Capable of operating over a wide, internally regulated, supply voltage range, the GTXO-91 features superb stability options, as tight as ±0.5ppm.