SCOCXOH and SCOCXOHS - A Class-leading Combination of Performance, Package and Price

17 Jul 2015


Introducing the SCOCXOH (CMOS) and the SCOCXOHS (Sinewave) Oven Controlled Oscillators
Available in fundamental mode frequencies up to 120MHz, both of these OCXOs offer a phase noise floor of -160dBc at 10.0MHz and an impressive -155dBC at 100MHz. This high-end performance is wrapped up in a compact DIL-14 package with surface mount options.

They also feature excellent short term and temperature stability, and high shock and vibration resistance, making them the perfect choice for a range of applications including airborne equipment, instrumentation, and telecom transmission.

As always samples are available on request, please contact our sales team today.

The SCOCXOH and SCOCXOHS oven controlled oscillators from Golledge Electronics