GRX-315 - The Perfect Watch Crystal for Automotive Applications

24 Mar 2016


Golledge are proud to announce the launch of the GRX-315 watch crystal. Fully AEC-Q200 qualified as standard it’s a great addition to our automotive range.

The GRX-315, contained within a small 3.2 x 1.5 package, also happens to be one of our lowest cost products and is perfect for pairing with SoCs requiring a 32.768kHz clock.

Find the full technical specifications of the automotive GRX-315 here

The GRX-315 automotive crystal frm Golledge comes with AEC-Q200 qualification as standard.

Product manager Nigel Cole explains:

“We've seen lots of customer enquiries and feedback that they’d like an easier way to specify AEC-Q200 qualified parts at the point of purchase. We developed the GRX range of products to make this happen - any product with code GRX is fully automotive qualified as standard without the buyer having to specify a thing. The versatile nature of the GRX-315 also means buyers have more purchasing power as it can be used in several different projects requiring standard watch crystals that are running at the same time. The combination of small size and great price means it’s always one of my recommendations.”

Nigel Cole - Product Manager

The GRX-315 also stacks up from a technical point of view, with 12.5pF circuit condition as standard and 9pF option available for helping to achieve a lower current consumption overall. The -40 to +85°C operating temperature range makes it perfect for dashboard and in-cockpit electronics such as infotainment and telemetry. For higher operating temperature ranges, such as those suitable for engine management and tyre pressure monitoring systems, please contact our sales team here who are always happy to advise.

Like the sound of the GRX-315? Contact our sales team for a quotation here.