GTXO-203 -The tiny form-factor TCXO ideal for wearable applications

27 Oct 2015


With a board area of only 3.2 mm2 and a highly accurate frequency stability option of only ±0.5ppm, the GTXO-203 offers superb accuracy for projects where board space is paramount.

Wearables applications in particular can benefit from the tiny 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.7mm form-factor of the GTXO-203, and its four-pad package makes for easy design-in.

With a -30 to +85°C temperature range as standard, a wide range of supply voltages and clipped sine output, the GTXO-203 is also highly versatile and useful in a wide range of projects.

Goledge Electronics are proud to introduce the GTXO-203, our new ultra-miniature temperature compensated oscillator.