VCXO - Complementary ECL, VHF Range, Negative Supply

The Golledge GVXO-37N voltage controlled oscillator is perfect for projects that require very high frequencies (up to 170MHz) with negative supply. Available over a wide frequency range of 12.0 to 170MHz, the GVXO-37N produces complementary ECL output and allows wide frequency pullability of ±100ppm, with other options available. 

  • 12.0 ~ 170MHz
  • 5V negative supply
  • Complementary ECL output
  • Fast rise / fall time
20.6 x 14.0 x 5.0mm


VCXO - Complementary PECL VHF Range - Positive Supply

The GVXO-37P voltage controlled oscillator features fast start up and fast rise / fall times, with inbuilt enable / disable tristate functionality. Available from 12.0~170MHz, this VCXO with positive 5.0V supply voltage is also optionally available with a range of frequency pullability and frequency stability characteristics. 

  • 12.0 ~ 170MHz
  • Complementary PECL output
  • Inbuilt enable / disable tristate functionality
  • Fast start up time of 10ms maximum