5V 7x5mm Oscillator with 50pF CMOS Driving Ability

  • Standard frequencies held in stock
  • High drive capability - up to 50pF
  • Enable / disable tristate function
Configurable Options
ParameterOption Code
Frequency stability
* see note below
Operating temperature range

* Frequency stability is inclusive of calibration @ 25°C, operating temperature range, supply voltage change, load change, ageing, shock and vibration.

Quantity / Special Request

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The GXO-U108H is supplied on tape and reel. 2k pcs per reel is the standard T&R pack size for this product. Partial quantities may be supplied on tape (no reel), or in bulk.

Product Description

The GXO-U108H features industry-standard 7.5 x 5.0mm ceramic package with metal lid and gold plated pads as standard. This 5.0V oscillator is available over a wide frequency range of 1.8~80.0MHz and features enable/disable functionality and high 50pF CMOS driving ability.

The GXO-U108H also includes a choice of excellent frequency stability options, as well as fast start up time and rise/fall time.

Frequency range 1.8 ~ 80.0MHz
Dimensions 7.5 x 5.0 x 1.4mm
Storage temperature range -55 to +125°C
Supply voltage (VDD) +5.0V (±0.5V)
Supply current 27mA max (≤32.0MHz)
Supply current (mA max) 45 mA max (>32.0 ~ 50.0MHz)
75 mA max (>50.0 ~ 80.0MHz)
Logic levels ‘0’ level = 10%VDD max
‘1’ level = 90%VDD min
Start up time 5ms max (≤32MHz)
10ms max (>32MHz)
Waveform symmetry 45:55 max
Driving ability 10 TTL
Rise / fall time 7ns max (<80MHz)
Enable / disable function Tristate (control via pad 1)
100ns / 100ns
Net Mass 135mg
Package Drawing
Package footprint and pad configuration drawing for the Golledge 7050 h=1.4mm 4-pad Oscillator showing full dimensions.
Ordering Information

To request a quotation for the GXO-U108H please use the configurable options form to choose the options you require and then submit your configured product to our team. Our expert advisers are always happy to help with your requirements and can be contacted on +44 1460 256 100 or at sales@golledge.com.

Following product selection you will be issued with a seven character Golledge part number. Your Golledge part number is the internationally accepted Golledge manufacturing part number (MPN) that should be used for all project documentation, including bills of materials (BoMs) and purchase orders.

If you have any queries regarding any of our documentation our dedicated sales team will be happy to help.

CAD Models

Our GXO-U108H is included in the following design libraries. Click to download the library of your choice.

Enable / Disable Function
Input (pad 1)Output (pad 3)
Open Enabled
'1' level Enabled
'0' level High Impedance
Soldering Profile
Solder reflow profile
Tape & Reel Specification
Tape and Reel specifications
Handling & Storage

ESD-HBM-1A Human Body Model (HBM) 1A (250V to <500V)

MSL1 Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL): 1 (or not applicable)

  • Ceramic body with gold-plated pads
  • Metal lid, seam sealed

Please refer to our DOCUMENTS section for more information.

PbFree Lead-free (< 0.1% by weight )

RoHS compliant no exempts - PS Docs Version RoHS compliant with no exemptions.

REACH - PS Docs Version REACH compliant.

Conflict minerals - PS Docs version Free of conflict minerals.

Halogen free - PS Docs version Free from halogens.

Ozone depleting - PS Docs version Free from ozone-depleting substances.