Golledge are pleased to announce two low voltage updates to our GXO-L71 family of oscillators

21 Jan 2022


Golledge are pleased to announce two low voltage updates to our GXO-L71 family of oscillators: the introduction of a new 2.5V variant, the GXO-L71J, and a new 1.8V variant, the GXO-L71G.

Like the original 3.3V GXO-L71L, the GXO-L71J and GXO-L71G also feature superb phase jitter performance of just 0.3ps typical. When combined with the LVDS output that all variants of the GXO-L71 family provide this make these products ideal for applications that require high speed data transfer at low voltages. 

The GXO-E71 and GXO-L71 now have additional supply voltage variant. Find out more here.
The GXO-L71 family of oscillators feature robust 7.5 x 5.0mm ceramic package and are ideal for high speed data transfer applications.

Both the GXO-L71G and GXO-L71J are available at high frequencies from 70MHz up to 315MHz and come with enable/disable tristate functionality as standard. They also have low current consumption characteristics and power saving functionality featuring stand-by current of just 30uA max. This makes these oscillators ideal for applications requiring excellent phase jitter performance but which also have a restricted power budget. 

The 6-pad 7.5 x 5.0mm ceramic package which these oscillators feature comes with gold plated pads as standard and also has a seam sealed metal lid for additional package longevity. 

If you are designing for a high speed data transfer application or required an oscillator with exceptional phase jitter characteristics, the GXO-L71 family of oscillators could be the choice you need. Speak to a member of our expert team today by calling +44 1460 256 100 for more advice, or check out our product pages for full product information now.