An obsolete Golledge product


2.5V 6-pad High Stability Oscillator

  • GXO-3332J was made obsolete in January 2022
  • Product Change Notice PCN220110 06539 details this change
  • Consider the GXO-3300 as a drop in replacement 
Product Description

The high stability GXO-3332J 2.5V oscillator featured a 3.2x2.5mm surface mount ceramic package and excellent phase jitter and period jitter characteristics.

The GXO-3332J is now obsolete. For more information on this change please see our Product Change Notice PCN220110 06539 here or alternatively you can speak to a member of our expert team by calling +44 1460 256 100.

For existing designs the GXO-3300 family offer drop-in-replacement parts, and for new designs we recommend considering the GXO-3200 or GXO-3232