CMOS 3.3V surface mount VCXO with low current consumption

  • Wide pulling range 
  • Low current consumption
  • 3.3V supply
  • Miniature SM package
  • Competitive pricing
Configurable Options
ParameterOption Code
Frequency pullability
Frequency stability
* see note below
Operating temperature range

* Frequency stability is inclusive of calibration @ 25°C, operating temperature range, supply voltage change, load change and first year ageing, with VCTL = 50%VDD

Quantity / Special Request

Please specify the quantity you require below.

The GVXO-338L is supplied on tape and reel. 2k per reel is the standard T&R pack size for this product. Partial quantities may be supplied on tape (no reel), or in bulk.

Product Description

TThe GVXO-338L ultra-miniature voltage controlled oscillator is available from frequencies as low as 1.250MHz and up to 125MHz. This VCXO features supply voltage of 3.3V and standard 15pF CMOS driving ability with a low supply current requirement of only 13mA. The GVXO-338L has a voltage control range of 1.65V ±1.5V with 10% linearity to produce wide frequency pullability of ±90ppm min. For more information about the GVXO-338L speak to a member of our expert team on +44 1460 256 100. Alternatively email your request to sales@golledge.com for a fast resolution.

Frequency range 1.250 ~ 125.0MHz
Dimensions 3.2 x 2.5 x 1.15mm
Voltage control +1.65V ±1.5V, 10% linearity
Storage temperature range -40 to +85°C
Supply voltage (VDD) +3.3V (±5%)
Supply current 13mA max
Driving ability 15pF CMOS
Logic levels ‘0’ level = 10%VDD max
‘1’ level = 90%VDD min
Waveform symmetry 40:60 max @ 50%VDD
Rise / fall time (20%~80%VDD) 5ns max
Start up time 10ms max
Net mass 27.1mg
Package Drawing
Soldering Profile
Soldering Profile

Solder resistance: 260°C x 10 secs x 2.

Tape & Reel Specification
Tape and Reel specifications
Handling & Storage

ESD-HBM-1A Human Body Model (HBM) 1A (250V to <500V)

MSL1 Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL): 1 (or not applicable)

  • Ceramic body with gold-plated pads
  • Metal lid
  • Seam sealed

Please refer to our DOCUMENTS section for more information.

PbFree Lead-free (< 0.1% by weight )

RoHS compliant no exempts - PS Docs Version RoHS compliant with no exemptions.

REACH - PS Docs Version REACH compliant.

Conflict minerals - PS Docs version Free of conflict minerals.

Halogen free - PS Docs version Free from halogens.

Ozone depleting - PS Docs version Free from ozone-depleting substances.