High Frequency Fundamental Mode 3.3V VCXO

  • Fundamental mode crystal up to 75.0MHz
  • CMOS compatible output
  • Low jitter and fast rise / fall
  • 3.3V supply
  • Enable / disable tristate function
Product Description

If you need wide frequency pullability and excellent jitter performance, the GVXO-27L could be the product you need. 

Available over a wide range of frequencies from 1.0MHz to 75.0MHz, the GVXO-27L voltage controlled oscillator offers superb low jitter performance due to it's inbuilt fundamental mode crystal, available up to 75MHz.

Operating at 3.3V supply voltage, the GVXO-27L also features fast enable/disable functionality via pad two with maximum enable/disable time of 150ms.

This component also has a wide range of frequency pullability options, and is available with industrial operating temperature range making it suitable for a wide range of applications.