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Product Description

If you can't find a oscillator solution within our listed range, are looking for a cross referall, or need an oscillator recommendation for a specific design requirement please get in touch with us with your requirements.

With an average of over 10 years individual experience in the frequency control industry, our team is made up of experts in cross referring parts to make sure you get the second-source, or timely solution you need. 

We're also equally experienced in specifying and creating custom solutions for your specifc requirements. 

Use the configurable options form here to specify the exact oscillator requirements you need or get in touch with our team directly by calling +44 1460 256 100. 

The specifications below show an outline of our oscillator range, however our dedication to continuous improvement means it's always worth contacting us, even if you think your requirements may be technically difficult. We specialise in meeting the most stringent needs of our customers, with our dedicated engineering department on hand to answer all of your technical queries.

Frequencies From 10.kHz to 270MHz currently available
Ultra-miniature packages As small as 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.85mm currently
Tight frequency stabilities As tight as ±10ppm readily available
Our quoted oscillator frequency stabilities are
inclusive of calibration tolerance, operating
temperature range, supply voltage change,
load change, ageing, shock and vibration
Low jitter and phase noise performance Our oscillators feature phase jitter performance
as low as 0.04ps typ (12kHz - 5.0MHz) and 
phase noise as low as -175dBc/Hz @ 1MHz
Low power consumption As low as 10uA achieved through power saving
High shock and vibration resistance High shock resistance of 10,000g and
vibration resistance of 40g readily available
Ordering Information

To request a quotation please use the configurable options form to indicate your requirements, and then submit your request to our team. Our expert advisers are always happy to help and can be contacted on +44 1460 256 100 or at sales@golledge.com.

Once we've received your request our expert team will then produce a quotation tailored to meet your needs using the option codes you've selected.

Following product selection you will be issued with a seven character Golledge part number. Your Golledge part number is the internationally accepted Golledge manufacturing part number (MPN) that should be used for all project documentation, including bills of materials (BoMs) and purchase orders.

If you have any queries regarding any of our documentation our dedicated sales team will be happy to help.