Golledge CC4 series SMT Crystal


Low Frequency SM Crystal -55+125°C

  • High shock & vibration resistance
  • Military temperature range -55+125°C option
  • AEC-Q200 Automotive option
  • Low power consumption
Configurable Options
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Operating temperature range
Circuit condition
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The CC4V-T1A is supplied on tape and reel. 2k or 10k pcs per reel are the standard T&R pack sizes for this product. Partial quantities may be supplied on tape (no reel), or in bulk.

Product Description

The CC4V-T1A is ideal for low frequency applications where military operating temperature range is required and where a miniature package size is needed.

The gold plated pads of the CC4V-T1A offer excellent longevity and solderability for applications requiring low frequencies. This surface mount crystal features excellent shock and vibration resistance, is available in frequencies from 30.0kHz ~ 1.0MHz, and also features optional military standard operating temperature range of -55 to +125°C, and a range of calibration tolerance and circuit condition options.

Frequency range 32.768kHz (standard)
30.0kHz ~ 1.0MHz
Dimensions 5.0 x 1.9 x 0.9mm
Storage temperature range -55 to +125°C
Static capacitance (C0) 1.2pF typ @ 32.768kHz
1.3pF typ @ 200kHz
1.0pF typ @ 1.0MHz
Motional capacitance (C1) 2.1fF typ
Equivalent series resistance 50kΩ typ, 65kΩ max @ 32.768kHz
3.2kΩ typ, 5.0kΩ max @ 200kHz
500Ω typ, 1.2kΩ max @ 1.0MHz
Ageing ±3ppm max first year
Drive level 1.0µW max
Turnover temperature (T0) +25°C ±5°C @ 32.768kHz
+30°C ±5°C @ 200kHz
+32°C ±5°C @ 1.0MHz
Frequency / temp coefficient -0.035ppm/°C2 ±10%
Shock resistance ±5ppm, 5,000g, 0.3ms, ½ sine
Vibration resistance ±5ppm, 20g, 10.0 ~ 2,000Hz
Terminations Gold plated pads
Soldering condition Reflow, 260°C, 20 sec max
Package Drawing
Package footprint and pad configuration drawing for the Golledge CC4V-T1A Crystal showing full dimensions.
Tape & Reel Specification
Tape and Reel specifications for the GTXO-C77V

A:178* / B:12 / C:5.3 / D:2.2 / E:4 / F:1.4 / G:80 / H:21
*Larger reel size available. Please ask for details