Golledge are Supporting Aid for Ukraine after Withdrawing from Russia

11 Mar 2022


Golledge have withdrawn from our business in Russia

As Russian troops crossed the border into Ukraine, Golledge Electronics made the sad decision on the 24th of February to discontinue our business in Russia. Whilst we understand the impact that this decision may have on many ordinary Russian businesses, and we support those ordinary Russian citizens who wish their country were not taking part in this campaign, we cannot continue to do business in Russia at this time.

We're proud to announce our support for Ukrainian refugees

In addition to our withdrawal from Russia Golledge are doing all we can to help support the Ukrainian cause. We're proud to have donated to the DEC Ukrainian Appeal via the Red Cross, and like many small communities the villages around Golledge Electronics have been alight in recent days with collections for Ukrainian refugees. Our Financial Controller Amy Cook has been part of one such initiative in her home village of Shepton Beauchamp which we were lucky to have been able to help.

Golledge Financial Controller Amy Cook has been helping to organise aid for Ukrainian refugees. Find out more about our help for Ukraine here.
Golledge Electronics are proud to be helping a local Ukrainian aid initiative as well as donating to the DEC Ukrainian appeal. Find out more about our help for Ukraine here.

This initiative, organised by local residents Steve Rock and Sharon Humphries, involved three vans with a driver and co-driver in each, driving to an aid station in Krakow where aid would then be transported onward to Ukraine. The community surrounding Shepton Beauchamp managed to provide over 750 boxes of aid for this mission, including first aid supplies, clothes, blankets, pet food and hygiene supplies. A crew of enthusiastic local volunteers took charge of receiving and packing these goods into the vans and the convoy set off for its long journey through France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany then on to Krakow in Poland.

In Krakow the van drivers delivered their boxes to the Ukrainian mission and then helped volunteers from Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, America and Britain to move all the processed aid from the mission to the rendezvous point with the Ukrainian lorry driver who was driving the aid into Ukraine, a true international effort.

Golledge are glad to have been able to provide the funding for hire and fuel of one of the vans at a cost of £3,000, in addition to a donation of £900 to the Red Cross appeal, and we can only thank all of the drivers of the three vans and our local communities for providing their help as well.

We hope for everyone's sake that Russia withdraws and this conflict ends as soon as possible.

Golledge Electronics are proud to have donated enough funds to hire and fuel a van to deliver Ukrainian aid boxes to the Red Cross station on the Ukrainian/Polish border. Find out more about our help for Ukraine here.