Introducing the new SCOCXOL Oven Controlled Oscillator

17 Jul 2015


Available in 3.3V and 5.0V CMOS outputs, the SCOCXOL has been designed in response to industry demand for an OCXO that not only has low current consumption but also warms up and reaches specification fast.

We believe 50mA at 25°C for the 5V version and a time of only 20 seconds to reach a frequency accuracy of ±0.1ppm answers that demand!

The SCOCXOL features small footprint, low cost, high shock and vibration resistance in a choice of industry standard DIL-14 package or surface mount options.

These lend themselves perfectly to achieving the low current, fast warm up goal. Adding high stability and extended operating temperatures options into the mix makes the SCOCXOL the ideal choice for battery powered communications, instrumentation and test equipment.

The new SCOCXOL oven controlled oscillator from Golledge has low current consumption and fast start up times.