Frequency Control Products

Golledge offers one of the widest range of frequency control products in the industry.

From low-cost watch crystals through to highly specified OCXOs for broadcast use, Golledge products are recognised worldwide as highly cost effective solutions.

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Surface mounted crystals
Crystals - Surface mounted
Thru-hole crystals
Crystals - Thru-hole
Surface mounted oscillators
Oscillators - Surface mounted
Thru-hole oscillators
Oscillators - Thru-hole
Real Time Clocks (RTCs)
Surface mounted VCXOs
VCXOs - Surface mounted
Thru-hole VCXOs
VCXOs - Thru-hole
PCB mounted OCXOs
OCXOs - PCB mounted
Chassis mounted OCXOs
OCXOs - Chassis mounted
Crystal filters
Crystal Filters
Ceramic filters
Ceramic Filters
SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) devices SAW Devices