The Golledge Electronics Frequency Products for New Designs in 2020 Catalogue is Now Available

13 Mar 2020


The 2020 Frequency Products for New Designs Catalogue 

We're proud to announce the update and release of our Frequency Products for New Designs Catalogue, 2020 edition. Whether you're matching a crystal for use with your latest SoC or if you're looking for frequency components for a specialist project with exceptional specifications such as extremely low jitter, high shock and vibration resistance, and ultra-miniaturization then our New Designs Product Catalogue will show you how we can help. 

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Golledge Electronics are proud to announce the update and release of their Frequency Products for New Designs Catalogue for 2020.

Featuring our recommended key products in each product category including:

  • Low frequency crystals
  • High frequency crystals
  • Crystals for specialist applications such as harsh environments and automotive projects
  • Low frequency oscillators
  • High frequency oscillators
  • Oscillators for use in specialist environments such as down hole, aero-engineering, and automotive
  • Temperature compensated oscillators (TCXOs) for commercial applications
  • TCXOs for specialist applications
  • Voltage controlled oscillators (VCXOs) for commercial applications
  • VCXOs for specialist applications requiring low phase jitter or low cost
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) modules
  • Monolithic crystal filters
  • Oven controlled oscillators (OCXOs)
  • SAW filters
  • SAW resonators
  • SAW duplexers 

Our new-design product presentation makes it easy to compare key frequency product recommendations for the cutting edge designs you're completing in 2020, whichever type of frequency product you need. Find out how your project can benefit from our range by downloading the catalogue now.

Download the 2020 Golledge New Design Product Catalogue here in one click (no registration details required)