The Golledge Electronics 2022-23 New Designs Catalogue is Available Now

20 Sep 2022


Find all the frequency components you need for your new projects in our 2022-23 in our New Designs Catalogue here with one click, no registration required.

If you're designing for a new project and are looking for ultra-miniature, high accuracy or specialist tight stability components, in addition to the best commercial solution available for your project, then we can help. Whether you need standard parts with exceptional commercial pricing for a high volume project, or if you are looking for a custom solution for your cutting edge design, you can find the frequency components you need in our free 2022-23 New Design Catalogue, available to download now.

Our expert product manager, Nigel Cole, has selected the best commercial options from the Golledge range of over 2000 products in order to highlight a handful of products in each of our key product categories of Crystals, Oscillators, TCXOs, VCXOs, OCXOs, SAW Filters, SAW Duplexers, SAW Resonators and Dielectric Filters. The products he has chosen feature excellent commercial benefits alongside the highest levels of quality manufacturing that you would expect from those supplied by Golledge.

We are also pleased to include for the first time our partnership with Circomm Technology Corp. which allows us to offer Cirocomm Patch Antenna and Cirocomm Chip antenna. Find out more by downloading the catalogue now or speak to a member of our expert team today for more information.

Download the Golledge 2022-23 New Design Catalogue here

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