The Golledge Electronics Frequency Products for New Designs in 2021 Catalogue is Now Available

10 Mar 2021


You can find all the frequency components you need for your new projects in our 2021 New Designs Catalogue.

Featuring the key components we recommend for new electronic designs within 2021, including watch crystals and high frequency crystals, oscillators, temperature compensated oscillators (TCXOs), voltage controlled oscillators (VCXOs), oven controlled oscillators (OCXOs), crystal filters, and our wide range of SAW devices, including filters, duplexers and resonators.

If you're designing for a new project and are looking for ultra-miniature, high accuracy or tight specification components, along with the best commercial solution available for your project, then we can help. Whether you need standard parts with exceptional commercial pricing for a high volume project, or if you are looking for a custom solution for your cutting edge project, you can find the frequency components you need in our 2021 New Design Catalogue.


The Golledge New Designs Catalogue 2021 is available now. Browse our catalogue for all your frequency product needs in 2021.