SAW Duplexers, SAW Filters and SAW Resonators

Product Package Frequency Range Description
GSDX Various 700MHz ~ 2.5GHz SAW Duplexers
GSIF Various 30.0MHz ~ 1GHz IF SAW Filters
GSRF Various 100MHz ~ 2.7GHz RF SAW Filters
GSRS Various 100MHz ~ 1.1GHz SAW Resonators

About Golledge SAW Devices

Golledge offers SAW duplexers, SAW filters and SAW resonators for use in a wide range of applications such as keyless entry devices, RF modems and telemetry systems, alarm systems and mobile phones.

Golledge holds large stocks of many frequencies, specifications and package configurations.

In addition to supplying a large selection of standard SAW products, we are also able to offer customized devices for specific applications. Please contact our sales office with details of your specification.