Benefits of RTC Modules

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A real-time clock (RTC) module is a single surface mount package that contains a 32.768 kHz tuning fork crystal resonator and a real-time clock IC including oscillation circuitry, clock, calendar, and alarm functions. Both the crystal and IC have been matched to guarantee operation over the widest range of environmental conditions and applications.

When real time clock IC’s are used in combination with separate 32.768 kHz watch style crystals errors in the order of 60 minutes per year can accrue, more if the end product is subjected to wide changes in temperature. All of the Golledge RTC modules featured have been designed to address the rapidly increasing market demand for high accuracy time stamping and total reliability over wide temperature variations. Time stamping accuracy within 1~2 minutes from -40 to +85°C can be expected after one year of operation.

Ultra-low current consumption <130nA, miniature packaging 3.2x1.5x0.8mm, extended operating temperature options -40 to +125°C and automotive qualification according to AEC-Q200 have all been catered for.

Whether you are designing Smart Meters, Data loggers, Industrial Control Equipment, White Goods, Point of Sale terminals, Automotive dash board electronics Golledge has the complete solution to meet your needs.