High Shock, High Temperature Oscillators

See also: Special App Crystals

Golledge offer a range of high reliability, ultra-miniature SM oscillators specifically designed for extremely harsh environments, including:

  • Down-hole drilling
  • Military & aerospace
  • High shock
  • High reliability medical
  • Wildlife tracking
  • Harsh industrial applications

Various packages sizes down to 2.5x2.0mm are available, offering frequencies from 32.768kHz up to 200MHz (model dependent).

High shock

Most models offer shock survival levels of 5,000g or 10,000g, but specialist models can offer up to 30,000g and beyond.

High temperature

Operating temperature ranges of -55°C up to 200°C (and higher) are available.

Military high shock applications

All models are available with full military testing to MIL-PRF-55310 on request. Additional charges will apply.

Custom Requirements

Our manufacturing facility is extremely flexible and specialises in providing both standard and customised "off the page" solutions.

Please call us or email Golledge sales to discuss your requirements

Future developments

Some of the many exciting developments coming up include:

  • Low voltage oscillators to 0.9V
  • Higher temperature operation up to 250°C
  • Improved frequency stability over temperature
  • Further miniaturisation of packages