Engineering Services

RF Fault Diagnosis and Engineering Support

If you are experiencing problems with RF signal integrity including:

  • XO, TCXO and VCXO output waveforms
  • Tuning slopes or tuning linearity
  • Current consumption
  • Crystal parameters (including DLD, motional parameters, and ESR)
  • Impedance within crystal fixtures
  • Sleeping crystals
  • SAW filters or crystal filters
  • Impedance matching
  • Pass-band ripple
  • Frequency stability
  • Phase lag
  • Group delay variation
  • Temperature variability
  • Phase noise

Golledge’s dedicated test facility can help!


Golledge has over 25 years’ experience as a leading supplier of frequency control products to the crystal industry. Our QA certification is aligned to ISO 9001:2015 and our dedication to quality has allowed us to create a comprehensive on-site test facility that our customer’s already benefit from. If you are having problems with an RF design and require fault diagnosis, call or email us today and we can help.


Contact us direct:

+44 1460 256 100